PRRVA - Point Roberts Registered Voters' Association
The voice of the voters of Point Roberts
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PRRVA Mission Statement

PRRVA represents the Registered Voters of Point Roberts regarding important issues that impact the community of Point Roberts.

Upcoming & Recent Events

  • The next PRRVA Board Meeting will be Thursday, September 7th 2017 , 6PM @ Community Center
  • The PRRVA 2017 Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, April 25th 7PM @ Community Center
  • On the dais were:
    • Whatcom County Executive - Jack Louws
    • Whatcom County Deputy Executive - Tyler Schroeder
    • Whatcom County Council Member - Barbara Brenner
    • Whatcom County Assistant Planning & Development Services Director  - Mark Personious
  • The town-hall meeting was a success with 41 people in attendance
  • PRRVA announced that the Sister Cities International agreement with Campobello Island, NB, Canada has been finalized
  • PRRVA announced the following Board changes:
    • Steve O’Neill Vice-President replacing Dwayne Hunt
    • Ken Calder – Secretary/Treasurer replacing Stephen Deward
    • Matt Bath – new PRRVA Board member
  • A video recording of the meeting is available on YouTube @

PRRVA Board Members

Joel Lantz President 360-244-1942

Steve O'Neill Vice President
Ken Calder Secretary/Treasurer

Dwayne Hunt

Elizabeth Lantz 

Wayne Knowles
Matt Bath